Who is D2 Party Rentals?

D2 Party Rentals LLC was established in 2020 and is operated and owned by a local family.

Michael is who you will see the most. He does the bounce house deliveries and pickups. His favorite is dropping off the bounce house and seeing the kids excitement. He dislikes picking up the units because he says, “I am no longer the kids favorite guy and now they are sad to see me”. Michael has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has been setting up bounce houses since he was a kid himself!

Taylor is who you usually don’t see, but communicate with to book your bounce house. Taylor says that she loves talking to people and answering all their questions. It is very important to her that the people who are considering renting a bounce house are well informed and understand how to safely use the bounce house. She never wants anyone to feel bad for asking “too many” questions.

Michael and Taylor have two boys. A 5 year old son, Beau and a 6 month old son named Luke. You may see their son Beau on occasion as he loves to help set up the bounce house and help teach the rules to the kids so they can stay safe.

The family really enjoys camping. They love to jet ski and tube. They also enjoy snowboarding, Disneyland vacations, drive-in movie theaters on warm summer nights, sledding and hanging out with their nieces and nephews.

Michael and Taylor decided to start their own bounce house business because of their son, Beau. Beau is a happy little boy who has Hemiparesis Cerebral Palsy which was caused by a stroke in utero. When Beau got diagnosed he had at least three therapy appointments a week and many doctor’s appointments a month. He also used to have seizures and they were in the ER a bunch! Michael went from working full time to part time to eventually being a stay at home Dad to help care for their son. They are happy to report that Beau is thriving and doing better than any doctor ever anticipated. He is doing so well, that most people don’t even notice his struggles! With Beau doing better, Michael was ready to work more but needed something flexible and they felt using their knowledge in bounce houses was the best option for them and their family! You will see Beau on occasion assisting in the drop offs and pickups! He also helps clean the units which you don’t see, but it is probably his favorite part. He LOVES to clean and sometimes asks to do it for fun!

Because Michael and Taylor love the kids in their life so deeply, they find child safety extremely important and are very passionate about it (they could probably tell you how to properly use a carseat better than most people). This is why Michael and Taylor are great at this business, because they would never do anything to put any child's safety in jeopardy. They will not set up a bounce house and lose out on the money, in order to keep the kids safe.

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